Feature Teams - Outdoor 2015

2015 Feature Teams

The Green and Gold Soccer Academy will once again offer feature club team development and high performance training for U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16 or U-18 boys and girls in the spring of 2015.   

The feature teams will be afforded the benefit of a weekly practice for a minimum of 10 practices during the early part of the outdoor season (April - June) conducted by the academy, principal coaches, including goalkeeper specialists, utilizing our first-class facilities and equipment.  In addition, the academy coaches will provide on-going technical assistance and advice to the coaching staff of those selected feature teams in terms of their physical, technical and tactical preparation for competition throughout the outdoor season.

The cost for Feature Team training will be $4000, or $250 per player for a squad of 16 players, for this outstanding opportunity for supplemental professional training during the next outdoor season and is intended for teams of aspiring soccer players who are serious about their development . 

A major benefit of the Feature Team program includes the academy’s most qualified and experienced coaches conducting all practices with a view to incorporating more advanced team, functional and phase of play emphasis. 

The initial training priorities for each feature team are to be derived from an early game observation report and following a comprehensive consultation with the club team coaches.  The team coaches are encouraged to work with the academy coaches on the field to observe and experience the coaching practice organizations and emphasis for their own personal coaching development.  In addition, our goalkeeper specialists will be in a position to devote more individualized training to the goalkeepers.

The feature teams will also benefit in terms of future international tours and prospect management.      

To have your team be considered for feature club team development, please contact
Len Vickery, Academy Director directly by phone at (780) 492-1013 or via e-mail at len.vickery@ualberta.ca before Thursday, March 19, 2015