Spring Session - 2017

…University of Alberta’s Soccer Centre of Excellence confirms community commitment with the development of Vimy Ridge Academy School – Soccer Program, feature club team development, academy training, goalkeeping specialization, international program and prospect management

The Green and Gold Soccer Academy – Spring Session 2017

The Green & Gold Soccer Academy is pleased to announce that we will have Feature Team development and high performance training for as many as 12 youth club teams in the Spring Session 2017. Intended for the more serious youth soccer teams, boys and girls teams at the U-11, U-13, U-15 or U17 age categories, the academy program is structured to facilitate the development of these teams and their players to compete at the higher levels of club soccer.

The feature teams will be afforded the benefit of 2 practices per week for 12 practices during the May - June time period conducted by the academy's professional coaches, including goalkeeper specialist, utilizing our first-class facilities and equipment.  In addition, the academy coaches will provide on-going technical assistance and advice to the coaching staff of those selected feature teams in terms of their physical, technical, tactical and game mentality development for competition.  

The academy aims to provide a coaching process that is based on solid youth development coaching principles, delivered by our professional and experienced coaches utilizing superior soccer facilities.  Strict adherence to the Canadian Soccer Associations Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model is applied.

A major benefit of the feature team program includes practices incorporating more advanced team, functional and phase of play coaching emphasis.   All goalkeepers will be provided with specialized instruction in all aspects of this demanding position. 

Each training session may feature soccer specific fitness training in the development of agility, coordination, quick feet, core strength, endurance, speed and power. The fitness or physical development is combined with technical and tactical training with a view to providing the youth player the optimum opportunity for soccer skill enhancement.

The cost for feature team training will be $4000 (or $250 per player for a squad of 16 players).

To have your team considered for feature club team development, please contact Len Vickery directly via e-mail at len.vickery@ualberta.ca before Thursday, April 20th, 2017.  

Please check the website www.greenandgoldsoccer.ualberta.ca for schedules and any required revisions.  

Schedule - Spring Session 2017 beginning Monday, May 8

Mondays/Wednesdays - Campus Saint Jean 6-7:30PM 

Tuesdays/Thursdays - Campus Saint Jean 6-7:30PM